Thursday, February 19, 2009

eye to eye, tooth to... visor?

t is folding in on himself.
i provoke him, pushing for an explosion, scrambling against impending implosion.
my physics do not apply. i am impotent.
i cannot gratify my own need, and cannot tolerate his.

it is temporary, but unpleasant.
it is recurrent, but treatable.

is it avoidable? curable? terminal?

i was nearly head butted by a rottweiler today. i was on my motorcycle, lane splitting. he was lunging from a 1/2-ton pickup stopped at a light. i saw him coming, late. i leaned away, yet felt our heads connect- my full face (helmet), his muzzle. it was an insignificant brush- pleasingly surreal. the unanticipated benefits of armour.

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